#HowTo – Add #360 Photos in posts in wordpress.org


A few months ago I get, as a family present, a Ricoh Theta SC 360 camera. Mostly, for personal use and the truth is that I have a great time with this new device. Compared with other models of the Ricoh Theta range, the main difference is that this model does not support Live Streaming. If at any time I see that this is a necessity, then I will evaluate again what options there are in the market.

Currently, one of the activities where I use the camera is when I participate in an technical event. If there is time and everyone is in ok with this, I activate the [Interval Shooting] mode and from a fixed position I capture a 360 photo every N minutes. The result is a very pleasant Time Lapse.

When sharing photos 360, the only platform on social networks that is really prepared for these contents is Facebook. Twitter, Instagram and the others are several steps behind. And, as always, wordpress.org is a world apart.

Important: My blog is on wordpress.org, so what I write in this post only applies to similar scenarios.

Well, when you add a 360 photo to WordPress, you have something similar to the next picture


It is not what we expect, much less in a 360 photo. The official solution is to use a Plugin to view photos or videos in 360-degree format. In the Marketplace of plugins there are many free and paid options.

This is simple when you manage your own WP, in my case, I need to update a plan to something that is 10 times more expensive than what I currently pay


After doing some research about it, I’ve found a WordPress post of the year 2016 where they commented that Out-Of-The-Box WordPress will support 360 content. The syntax that we should use is quite simple


Applying this scheme my initial image changes a lot and for the better. It can be seen in 360 mode

Happy coding!

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno



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