#Event – Introducción a Microsoft AI (Full House !!!)



Vuelta a los eventos y esta vez junto con Asmita (Data Solution Architect, Microsoft Canada) para hablar sobre la plataforma de Artificial Intelligence de Microsoft. Como suele suceder en estos casos, ella es la experta y yo solo aportare mi punto de vista y experiencia como developer utilizando y aprendiendo sobre estos servicios.

El evento es el próximo 21 de Marzo para Metro Toronto .Net User Group. Mas detalles a continuación

Introduction to Microsoft AI

Asmita and Bruno as duo will walk through the Microsoft AI platform and capabilities to allow any developer to infuse intelligence into their applications and target entirely new scenarios enabled by the latest innovations in AI. You’ll learn about API’s that provide object recognition, face detection and identification, emotion recognition, OCR, computer vision, video services, language understanding, sentiment analysis and more. They will also demonstrate how you can add customized intelligence to your solution or leverage AI services in conjunction with the Microsoft Bot Service.

Registro: https://www.meetup.com/metrotorontoug/events/247266312/

Saludos @ Burlington

El Bruno

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