#Windows10 – How to add a Windows Store App to Windows 10 Start up


Today’s post is a permanent note on how to add a Windows Store App into Windows 10 start up. It’s an easy task, but I always forgot how to do this.

1st step is to access to the Apps Folder (classic and Windows Store Apps) using a shell command [Shell:AppsFolder]


For this sample, I’ll add Instagram to my Windows 10 startup (not the best idea, I know). So, once we find the App, we need to display the context menu on the App and select the [Create shortcut menu] The shortcut will be created on the Desktop


No the easy part, access to the start up folder in Windows using the command [shell:startup]


And, let’s move / copy the shortcut to the StartUp folder


Happy Coding!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno

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