#PowerShell – Script to download #Channel9 videos (thanks @jongalloway!)


These are hardware days, so this is time for a quick post. When I’m offline and travelling, I always try to bring with me some videos to take advantage of the time and learn something new. Channel 9 is a great source of materials and now thanks to Jon Galloway (@jongalloway ), downloading videos from C9 will be much more easies.

The installation steps are very easy, in 2 lines we have the main ps1 locally ready to be used.


And then, it’s a matter of tries to get to the correct format for the RSS feed to download videos. After a couple of test I learned the following steps to make it work

If I want to download some videos on the Microsoft Research category, I can browse them using the next URL


So, now I need to add the sufix β€œ/rss/” at the end of the url and the url will reconvert into a valid one to be used on the script


After this, the script also gives us some options for filtering videos, quality, download folder, and more


Happy downloading!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno



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