#Podcast – NTN 37 – After #Angular and #React, now it’s time for #VueJS! Javascript everywhere!



Hi !

I need to make some data analysis about the main topics in my podcast. If you asked me one year ago, I was not voted for JavaScript, however, like in the real world, JavaScript is everywhere. Even in my Podcast!

I’ve already spend some time learning an sharing about Angular and React, so now it’s time to go for the 3rd one: VueJS. This framework is not backed by a giant company like Facebook or Google, however it got a huge amount of users and developers backing the project. It was one of the most used frameworks on GitHub during this year.

Let me recap a little, I know nothing about front-end development. But I’m lucky enough to ask for help and got a YES as an answer from very high skilled people like Jose Dongil (@jdonsan). We spent a very good time talking about the current state of tools used for web development, and even if we started talking about VueJS at the end he also shared some amazing insights of the future of web development, like a micro services approach but for UI composing.

During the 1st 10 minutes, I do my own review of this weeks tech news and then we move to a much more better coverage thanks to Sergio Mabres. So, I hope you enjoy the podcast (remember it’s in Spanish).

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno


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