#Xamarin – Xamarin Live Player available with Visual Studio 2017 Update 3 (only for #VS2017 Preview)


Since I don’t have and Android device, I’ve kind of put Xamarin on hold. Now I have an iPhone and, because I don’t have a build and deploy environment make me abandon Android for a while.

Back in January 2016 I wrote a post about Gorilla Player, this was a real time viewer for Xamarin Forms. And it was so cool! Before this, we didn’t have a WYSIWYG viewer when we are editing views on Xamarin Forms, it was plain XAML text and mostly testing on a real device.

So now a lot have changed, Microsoft acquired Xamarin and this means that the integration between products and releases are much more faster. As an example, Visual Studio 2017 Update 3 included Xamarin Live Player as a new feature in the IDE. Microsoft save me some time and published this animation on how this tool works:


Important: Xamarin Live Player is only available in Visual Studio 2017 Preview, that’s means VS2017 15.4, not in the official. Read the post title!

The way to use the tool is very simple.

  • Let’s start downloading the Xamarin Live Player App in Android or iOS.
  • The App is available in App Store or Google Play
  • Then we need to connect our development environment with the device, this is simple: scan a QR code
  • Done! From now on, the changes you made into a form will be live in the connected device!

Happy Coding

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno



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