#EBooks – More than 350 free ebooks on #Microsoft technologies (+3GBs on ebooks !)


This was a huge new last week, and I’m going to repost this to have this in my personal archive. Eric Ligman, Director Sales Excellence Microsoft, has published a post where he shared tons of free ebooks on Microsoft technologies (link). This is more than 3GBs on FREE TECHNOLOGY EBOOKS.


In the original post, we can find all the name and abstract for each book title. We also have 2 different options to bulk download all the files. We can get a list of direct download links to use in an application like JDownloader.

The 2nd option is a PowerShell script, and it is very straight forward, 2 clicks later the process is already running and a couple of minutes later you can get all the files, choose one and copy the file to your Kindle.


Happy Reading!

Greetings @ Burlington

El Bruno


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