#MicrosoftGarage – #Dictate, Speech recognition for Office for simple users !


I’ve been trying to use Windows Speech Recognition features for dictation since Windows Vista, but I never get good results. Let me explain this, the technology to convert audio to text works very good, and for me, is much more faster / comfortable than typing.  However the way that we need to use the default Windows Speech Recognition app never worked for me. I know, this is maybe “an user error”, but hey, I’m the first one to recognize this.

During the past days, the Microsoft Garage team has released an Microsoft Office extension for Word, PowerPoint and Outlook which basically add speech recognition features to this tools in a more natural way. The product name speaks for itself: “Dictate”. It’s based on voice command and works in Emails, word documents PowerPoint slides.

As usual, the best way to understand the product is to watch a quick video

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno



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