#Events – #HoloTour, 3 #Hololens events in June at Mississauga, Toronto and London ! (500Kms in 3 days)

Hi !

I’m back from the sunny Calgary, and I need to update my blog. I have some drafts posts on Custom Speech Recognition samples, other with bots and more.

However, I need to start with an awesome news: June is all about Hololens ! I’m lucky enough to collaborate with some Ontario User Groups to talk on how to develop Hololens Apps. These are the dates and locations:

  • Junio 22 Mississauga .Net User Group (link)
  • Junio 26 Toronto .Net User Group (link)
  • Junio 27 London .Net Developers (link)

And, of course, this is Canada, big distances ! Almost 500 KMs in 3 days !!!


If you are interested in the future on human interactions with devices, save the date and I’ll see you there. Before, I close this one, let me share the session abstract

In this session, Bruno Capuano will share his experiences creating applications for Hololens. We will review the most popular tools for create Hololens Apps, Unity3D and Visual Studio 2017. And we also going to see some other interesting options like URHOSharp (from Xamarin) and WaveEngine. He will share his experience on the nice journey you need to face to entering into the 3D world, based on his point of view: A developer who has work and thought in “2D mode” for years.

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno

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