#MixedReality – Windows Mixed Reality Dev Kits ready for preorder and some brand new hand controllers !


Today is the 2nd Day of Build and yesterday main focus was on Azure and AI, today it has been on Windows 10. In addition to a refresh on creators update and many innovations for developers, today the HP and Acer augmented reality sets have been officially presented. You can preorder the Dev Kits online by $299 (Acer) and $329 (HP) (Acer, HP). One interesting topic in that you do not need an external tracker for the spatial mapping and for the motion control. I’m looking forward to try this and to feel the experience.

However, what I have to emphasize today’s presentation is the ability to work with external controllers in Virtual Reality, very similar to Oculus Touch VR controllers.

Up until today, we could interact with the virtual environments using hand gestures or voice commands. The quality and precision of the hand gestures are not as good as you imagine when you start to works with holograms. This is why having an additional device, of the motion controller type, will help a lot in creating experiences for virtual environments.

Yes, from what I see in the official documentation (link), these controllers are not intended for Hololens, only for the Windows Mixed Reality Dev Kits (Acer and HP for now). The way they work is based on the gestures we already know for Hololens. They will allow actions of the type gaze and commit or point and commit. They also have buttons, touchpad and a joystick, so interaction capabilities are much more powerful than a hand-only scenario.

For now we don’t have an estimated price. It is time to have patience and wait for the summer when the mixed reality dev kits begin to release and at that time we will also have access to buy the controllers.

Greetings @ Toronto New Offices

El Bruno


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