#Event – #Hololens, the Challenge of 3D Apps for a 2D Developer

2017 04 26 Holo TapToPlace with Validation 01

Hi !

My house moving planning is almost finished, so it’s time to go back to the communities to learn and share. This time, our friends from Mississauga .Net User Group kindly invited me to share some experiences creating 3D apps for Hololens.

In this session, I will share his experiences in creating applications for Hololens. We will review the most popular tools for creating Hololens Apps, Unity3D and Visual Studio 2017. I will also show other interesting options like URHOSharp (from Xamarin) and WaveEngine. I’ll try to share my experience on the nice journey you need to face to enter into the 3D world based on my point of view: A developer who has thought of “2D” for years.


Happy 3D coding !

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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