#VS2017 – Visual Studio 2017 Preview available, the Insiders flavor of Visual Studio !


Some time ago I wrote a post where I shared the list of Insiders programs offered by Microsoft (link).These programs are created targeting Early Adopters for products such as Office 2016, 10 Windows or Skype.

Now that we have the official version of Visual Studio 2017 available, we can also access an “Insider” version to test new features in Visual Studio 2017. This version is called “Visual Studio 2017 Preview“.

It is managed from the Visual Studio Installer and we can be seen in the setup process, we found 2 options of Visual Studio 2017.


Now this is a Preview version, so it is important to remember

  • This version is not ready for production. That’s mean you will not get support if build production ready apps. This is obvious, but it is worth remembering it.
  • Visual Studio 2017 and 2017 Visual Studio Preview can be installed side by side and used on a single computer without any issues.
  • Visual Studio 2017 Preview comes in 3 versions: Enterprise, Professional, and Preview. The Product Team suggestion is to install the Preview of the same license we have for VS2017

An interesting detail is to find a way to differentiate be updates when you work with them. The first thing we think about is the icon in the taskbar, as they are quite similar. In the following image, the 1st app is VS2017 Preview and the 2nd is VS2017.


The next option was to change the Theme in one of the instances. Here I have not had success at all. Since they share the same configuration base. In the following video we can see how the time to change the settings in VS2017, this change applies also in VS2017 Preview.

2017 03 12 VS2017 Preview 01

So, it is working carefully with the 2 IDEs. VS2017 Preview is attractive option to test new features, and gives me a rare sensation that is not 100% independent of VS2017!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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