#Podcast – views on #GitVFS (Virtual File System), the world of the #SourceControl, and there is nothing virtual for #Hololens here (Spanish)



Another episode, this time with the excellent excuse to talk about the new “Git Virtual File System” with a great ALM expert, Luis Fraile (@lfraile); and one of the best experts on Source Control we can meet, Pablo Santos (@psluaces)

I was a little disappointed since I thought that the “Virtual” had something to do with the HoloLens, but not at the time we were talking about mono repos, git submodules and things like that. During the podcast Luis and Pablo I explained about the way that Git VFS, work on some previous experiences that tested the same way; and also about the future of Source Control tools in general.

The good thing about having to Luis and Pablo is that we are not only talking about Git, we brought a bit of history from SubVersion up to our days, we review great heroes that have fallen into oblivion as SourceForge and another couple of interesting anecdotes.

I hope you enjoy it. Podcast Link.

Greetings @ Calgary

El Bruno



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