#VS2017 – Before update Visual Studio 2017 RC, you need to update the installer!


I have just come back to Toronto and is time to store my Surface Pro for a few days and return to work with my development device (the good one).

Note: The Surface Pro 4 is a good device for travel, demos and presentations. However, it is a bit short if you work with more complex projects as for instance with Xamarin or Hololens projects.

After 2 weeks, obviously, Windows 10 took a while to update to the latest version of Windows Insider. Although what most caught my attention is that the new Visual Studio 2017 was also updated in a way that I didn’t expect. I’ll go through the steps of updating to highlight the important one.

  • VS2017 RC update notification. This is perfectly normal.


  • The way to update Visual Studio 2017 is using the product installer. So a search for “installer” and launch the Visual Studio Installer.


  • The installer shows us that we have an update on VS2017Rc Enterprise


  • It starts the download of the new version of VS2017…


  • In you face common developer! Before continuing, we have to update the installer


  • Very politely, the installer asks us a minute while it updates. (maybe this is because I’m already in Canada)


  • And we can already see the “new installer”… and move on.


At this time, we can now update VS2017RC with the new installer. If we see the detail of the steps above we can see that the installer is upgraded from version (1.2.21110.1) to the new version (1.2.21220.1)

Reviewing the news of each build in Visual Studio 2017 Release Notes, you can see that also publishes updates to the installer. Basically, it has adapted to some Windows 10 changes to install new components, the latest version of Unity and other news.

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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