#Bots – New Emulator ! ( new if haven’t use the emulator in a couple of months )

Hi !

If you are currently developing apps using Bot Framework SDK, this will not be new for you. However, for me, after 2 months away from this platform, I found a new emulator and I really like it.


We can also browse the source code of the emulator, so I spent some time here trying to understand how the emulator works. This is very cool to learn on the client side of the SDK. The complete list of new features is on the official documentation as this:

  • New Support for Mac, Linux and Windows
  • New All the Bot Framework card types are supported
  • New Save multiple profiles for when you’re working online and off
  • New Simplifies configuration when you’re working with ngrok
  • New Uses the webchat control for higher fidelity layout and consistency with the webchat experience
  • Send requests and receive responses to/from your bot endpoint on localhost
  • Inspect the Json response
  • Emulate a specific user and/or conversation

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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