#VisualStudio – Visual Studio for Mac, a new family member (Bonus: Linux Foundation!)


Do you remember when Visual Studio was all you needed to create applications? It still the single tool you need. However now, you have several flavors to choose to depend on the application type, and your development style. Today at Microsoft Connect they confirmed the launch of Visual Studio for Mac.

However, it seems that behind this Visual Studio there is an old friend: Xamarin Studio (remember that Microsoft acquired Xamarin some time ago, link, this step was the natural one). IMHO, I I shall refuse to name it as “Visual Studio for…” until has support TFS integration.

And now, you can read the current status of the Visual Studio family and also a short description of each product in the notes below. But before, I think is good to share a couple of clarifications, because I have already read some posts where you begin to talk about issues without having clear some concepts:

  • It is true that now on Mac there are 2 options: Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code for Mac. However one is an IDE and the other one is a code editor.
  • Visual Studio Code as a code editor, and is he has matured much since the V1. However, I think that still can be clearly the distinction between IDE and Code Editor.
  • The same imitation of Mac could be done on Windows, where we have Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio 2017 RC (or release Visual Studio 2015)

Visual Studio Family



Visual Studio 2017 RC focuses on improved productivity, refined fundamentals (performance improvements across all areas in VS 2017), streamlined cloud development, and great mobile development. To learn more, read the details in John Montgomery’s post announcing Visual Studio 2017 RC. The download is available here.

Visual Studio for Mac is a new Visual Studio IDE. It’s built from the ground up for the Mac and focuses on full-stack, client-to-cloud native mobile development, using Xamarin for Visual Studio, ASP.Net Core, and Azure. To learn more, read Miguel de Icaza’s blog post introducing Visual Studio for Mac. The download is available from here.

Visual Studio Mobile Center is “mission control for mobile apps.” It brings together multiple services commonly used by mobile developers into a single, integrated service that allows you to build, test, deploy, and monitor cloud attached apps in one place. To learn more, please read Nat Friedman’s blog post elaborating on Visual Studio Mobile Center.

Team Foundation Server 2017 RTM and Visual Studio Team Services is bringing general availability to Application Insights, Package Management service, Code Search, and 3rd party commerce to on-premises extensions. To learn more, please read Brian Harry’s blog post. Get started here.

Bonus and shock :

Microsoft joins the Linux Foundation

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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