#Windows10 – Creators Edition: #Paint3D is so much fun and with a #SurfaceStudio much more!


Today was day of Microsoft news. The most popular one was the new Surface Studio, this one leaves the bar quite high for the desktop devices.

IMHO, beyond the Surface Studio, I think is also very important the addition of many features to support the 3D world of apps, gaming and collaboration, in a new Windows 10 version called


Windows 10 Creators Edition

There were some virtual reality headsets compatible with this version (with reasonable prices from $300); an app that allows you to scan in 3D with amazing precision (this smelled to fake !). And what most caught my attention: Paint 3D Preview.

The good thing about Paint 3D is that, if you’re part of the program’s Windows Insiders, you can try it now. In honor of Halloween I’ve created my own version of the Avanade logo on mode “creepy”.


Back to Paint 3D, the tool is great. Those who know me know that I am a fan of simple tools (I’m quite not smart), and after trying several 3D modeling tools, Paint 3D stands out as something simple yet very powerful. If you can use it also with a stylus, the combination gives us some very impressive creative capabilities.

Another detail that caught my attention, is the ability to integrate 3D models into PowerPoint presentations. Now that all the 3D is attractive, I think that we can add one point of happiness to our presentations.

Obviously, these designs can also be used from Hololens, here is what I am trying to understand right now. Though I found the fabulous surprise that portal to share 3D models does not work on Edge (but Chrome is OK!)


I recommend you take a look at the full list of new features, and the best are 90 seconds of video

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno

PD: Do you remember my posts on the 3D future?

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