#Podcast -About Software Architect, Design, MicroServices and how to stay focus (and 40º fever as a plus !) Spanish


Hi !

New podcast, we are in number 19 and this one, with some great professionals: JuanMa (@gulnor) and Omar Del Valle (@omarvr72). And we scheduled ourselves to talked a little about Software Architects. That was the initial idea, however when I added my 40º fever, we move the conversation to another set of topics:

  • ¿Are the Software Architects bad for the Software Industry?
  • ¿Why we talk about Architectures for Back End architectures? Front End architectures are real also
  • ¿Should we mix Architecture designs? Even if they are bad for the business
  • Visual Studio as development tool
  • Micro Services, this is not a silly topic. In the wrong hands it could create a lot of pain!
  • Monolithic App in process to be “migrated” to a Micro Services approach. Another way to move “centralized problems” to “shit everywhere”
  • ¿How we should sell an architecture choice to a client?

While we were talking we also commented some unusual stuff like Gang of Four and they great Design Patterns book, the great Carlos Peix and his TDD materials, Jimmy Bogard and his Mediator; and more.

I hope you enjoy this one. PODCAST LINK

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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