#Hololens – Getting the best of #MixedReality streaming (great for events!)


The experience of using Hololens is great. What is a little bit more complicated is try to share that experience to other people who are not using the device. Especially when you have one or more people looking to the person using the Hololens.

What is usually done is share the view of Mixed Reality, where we can see the camera view (Point OF View POV) of the user of Hololens along with holograms.

The problem with this method is that it has a quite annoying delay, which is usually above the 4 seconds. This, actually transmits an experience quite bad for the people that are watching the interaction with Hololens.

Today I read a vvandi post, comments on a workaround for lograt have a delay of less than 1 second! It is based on creating a Mobile Hotspot from your computer where we want to do the demo and then connect the Hololens to this hotspot. The important requirement is that we need to use Windows 10 Anniversary Edition.

Here are the steps


  1. Open Settings // WiFi // Mobile Hotspot
  2. Turn on Mobile Hotspot
  3. Connect the HoloLens to the Mobile Hotspot Wifi
  4. Using Hololens App or Windows Device Portal, get the Live Stream
  5. Done !

It’s amazing, using a normal Wifi network, we have more than 4 seconds of delay

4 sec delay.gif

And with the optimized mode has a delay of less than 1 second !

much better.gif

Lesson learned and thanks to vvandi for sharing!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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