#Podcast – Some experiences organizing an event for the technical community (Geek-A-Palooza Andorra!)

nino-gap2015Hi !

I’m still connecting countries and this time it is a Canada – Andorra connection. The excuse is to share a little experience that Jordi (@jbmi9001) and Lluis Franco (@lluisfranco) have in the Organization of one of the best technical events in the Iberian peninsula: Geek-A-Palooza Andorra or as is better know: GAPAND

The truth is when I hear the amount of work that is behind an event like this (~ 100 people), I’m always surprised. During the time of the podcast we talk about different topics realted to this, for example

  • How GAPAND was born 5 years ago
  • Lessons learned about the logistics, how much time before there is that start to organize, experiences with groups large and small
  • Another lesson learned on the geek that have all inside and the dedication extra that required the site of the event to the be created with a beta of a product
  • Other topics such as sponsors, event recording, the possibility of making the event more than one day, charge tickets

I will also take advantage to share from a big distance a big THANKS to Jordi and to Lluis! This type of events were the ones who encouraged me to start my contributions and to share my 2 cents with the communities…

I hope you enjoy the podcast
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Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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