#Community – ASP.NET Community Standup LATAM @aspnet_latam


When a few weeks ago I got help to record the podcast on Core and Core ASP.Net .NET, one of the things that I met along the way was the ASP.NET Community Standup LATAM. initiative.

If you know ASP.Net Community Standup, this is a community-oriented spin-off with Spanish-speaking flavor. This one is a really cool one, usually lead by Guillermo Bellman @gjbelmann, Matias Quaranta @ealsur, Miguel Saez @masaez and Nicolás Bello @nbellocam. And as bonus, in each episode you can also find some cool guests to share comment on .Net related topics and also they talk about some cool stuff which happened during the past week.

You can find the official Twitter account at @ASPNET_Latam. And by way of example, what better that leave a couple of videos


Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno



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