#Podcast – What’s new in .NET Core and ASP.Net Core (#Spanish)


Hi !

In this episode I have the luck of spend tom podcast time with Julio Avellaneda (@julitogtu) and Nicolas Herrera (@nicolocodev)  and we talk about .NET Core and ASP.Net Core. We started talking about the history of ASP.Net and how you will reach a point where it is necessary to think over the complete platform, which now we know as ASP.Net Core. And in a domino effect, this forces to the creation of .NET Core.

From here, we review some of the new capabilities of .NET Core and ASP.Net Core, cross-platform profile for .NET, new deployment capabilities, .NET Standard Libraries, the distribution and publication of both platforms under an Open Source model and much more. We also speak about our experience migrating existing apps to ASP.Net Core, the necessary changes and some of the problems we can find.

We have talked about more topics, as the new model of documentation for MSDN and ASP.Net, although it is best to listen to the podcast as the final timeline that has been is very wide!

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