#Opinion – Technical Communities really Rocks !!!


Today posts is a big THANKS to the excellent technical communities of which I am part. 

Thanks Technical Communities

Let me start with a bit of context

  • When I came to Canada and started with the podcast (link), I didn’t expected to have much success. I do not measure the success with the listeners of each episode, but rather by the feedback of the people. By now is great!
  • Between this feedback, there are people who also makes requests or suggest topics. A few days ago someone (keep it anonymous), asked me to add at some point DotNetCore and PowerShell in linux as topics for the podcast.
  • I asked if he wanted to engage with these issues, and I responded that No, that did not have the level.
  • And here it all began

And now the timeline of the events

  • Yesterday morning I put a tweet asking if anyone was interested in talking about these issues

  • Shortly afterwards, Jorge Cupi (@JorgeCupi) from Ecuador puts me in contact with JuanK Ruiz (@JuanKRuiz) from Colombia. They both works in Microsoft.

  • JunaK added to the thread a couple of technical communities cracks Julio Avellaneda (@julitogtu), Nicolas Herrera (@nicolocodev) and Matias Quaranta (@ealsur)

  • A couple of minutes later, I’ve coordinated with Julio Avellaneda (@julitogtu) y Nicolas Herrera (@nicolocodev) to record a podcast next week !
  • And as a bonus, Matias Quaranta (@ealsur) makes me aware of an initiative for technical communities of ASP.Net and .Net in general which is great! It will be public perhaps next week !
  • So today, after running a couple of miles, I finished the cycle with a thank you
    Thanks !

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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