#VS2015 – DevTracker, for data freaks who wants to track how much time do they spend in #VisualStudio

Hi !

If you a re a data freak, the one who like to measure everything, you probably want to take a look at this Visual Studio 2015 extension.

The extension really perform what you can expect after his name: make and show a tracking of the time you spend in each file in Visual Studio IDE. After use it for a while, we can see the amount of DAYS.HOURS.MINUTES that we have invested in each file.


A small change of format allows us to see the time and statistics for a single file


In the IDE options, we can setup some interesting settings. However I still don’t know if the extension creates a log file with the information that will be collected.


I think that this would be really useful for a … data information freak!!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno



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