#Bots – (IV) News for Microsoft BotFramework: Slack support and better Facebook integration


Hi !

Do you remember my series of posts about bots?

  1. Create Hello Bot app using Visual Studio
  2. Publish the bot to Azure and register the bot in Microsoft Bot Framework
  3. Connect the bot to specific channels

I do ! And, because bots is a very large trending now, is time to share some of the updates on the Microsoft Bot Framework. The complete list of updates is on the official post, however this are my best ones

  • Group Support: Bots can now be a part of and respond to group conversations.
  • Better and Simpler Skype integration: now the Skype publish method for a Bot is only one step !
  • Support for Slack’s recent addition of buttons
  • Support for many of Facebook’s newest Bot features

So, maybe my next posts will be related to Slack integration or a end to end Skype sample. Cool features for next week posts!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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