#Tools – Manage the speed into your #Html5 videos (Variable Speed Playback)

Hi !

I always try to spend 30 minutes or more daily learning new stuff. This usually goes in a different way of topics, however mostly are technology related. And, most of them are text based or video based.

And you know, read text is easy and very flexible, you can always jump back and forward, to different section to have a quick view of the contents. However, this type of interaction is not easy when you are viewing an online video.

That’s why when I found this Chrome extension, it was heaven for me. This extension displays a speed indicator in top left corner of the video player. And with this indicator we can accelerate, slowdown, and quickly rewind or advance the video. And, thanks to the author we can also user our keyboard with the following shortcuts:

  • S – decrease playback speed.
  • D – increase playback speed.
  • R – reset playback speed.
  • Z – rewind video by 10 seconds.
  • X – advance video by 10 seconds.

If you are used to watch Channel 9 videos, this is very useful. In the following picture, you can see my β€œSlap your boss away” video at 2X speed. But be careful, I speak fast, with this extension at 2X you’ll be probably lost.


Of course, the extension works on youtube, as we can see at 1.5X speed.


And if you are using Office 365 and you are using the video service, you can also take advantage of this extension in your internal materials! This is really cool.


Bonus: The author was kind enough to share the source code of this extension on GitHub, so if any changes or improvements are required, feel free to add them!

Greetings @ Toronto

El Bruno


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