#Tutorial – Record a #Skype conversation with #Camtasia and produce an Audio output

Hi !

Now that my Windows 10 is working fine with Camtasia (not like this), I think is time to share the way I use Camtasia to record my Skype conversations.

I use a Jabra headset for my personal and work phone calls, so by default this is the device I use for audio in and out in my conversations.

However, in order to use Camtasia to record the conversation we need to change the default audio settings.


And set this values in the Audio Settings

  • Microphone, the one you want. In example: my Jabra headset
  • Speakers: Select the default audio output in your machine. This seems to be weird, but you’ll get the point in the next step.


Now you can start Camtasia Recorder


Go to Tools // Options and set this values in the Inputs section

  • Audio device: The same Microphone device you defined in Skype
  • Check [Record system audio]. This will record the output of the audio in a different track, and this output will be the voice of the other participants in the Skype call


You can also make this quick selection directly from the Camtasia Recorder interface. Remember CHECK THE [Record System Audio] OPTION


So now you can start the recording and have some fun!

Once you finish your recording, you’ll be prompted to save this recording. And also to edit the recording using Camtasia Studio. Once you drag the recorded file to the track section you will see both recording

  • One track for your voice
  • One track for the Skype participants voices


Camtasia studio audio options are very basic, however they are good enough to make some good audio improvements. If you right click on one of the tracks you can select the [Edit audio] option and

  • Enable volume leveling
  • Enable noise removal
  • Mix to mono


You can also [Add audio point] in one track to manage the volume in the track. In example: You can add a background music in a new track, and volume down the music using audio points, once the tracks for the Skype conversation are added into the mix.


Finally, once you are happy with your project, you can create an audio file. To do this, you must select the option [File // Produce Special // Export audio as …] and select the location for your MP3 file.


And that’s it! Now you can record your Skype conversations using Camtasia.

Greetings @ Toronto

-El Bruno




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