#Podcast – Introduction to #Microservices (spanish)


Hi !

I’ve got the idea to do a MicroServices podcast since a couple of weeks. And thanks to the post I wrote about Master de FrontEnd de LemonCoders, I’ve get back in touch with Pedro J Molina. And, you know, Pedro is a reference on this, so we decided to record this podcast.

In this episode, we talk about what are microservices and the correct context to work with this. We review some basic concepts, like security, tools, frameworks, APIs managements and more. Some other topics like  DDD, agile architectures, SCRUM y Continuous Delivery also were part of the talk. And, we of course get back to the references of Netflix, Amazon and Azure.

At the end, we make some guess on the future of this, and if this will really make a mark on the way that we develop apps today.

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I hope you enjoy this, I need to share that I learn a lot in less than an hour !

Some technologies:

2 videos of Pedro about Microservicios and Docker.

Greetings @ Toronto

-El Bruno


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