#Event – #Git basis and Tools with (in Spanish)



Hi !

I remember when 10 years ago I schedule a couple of meetings on a festive day at Spain. 10 years later I made the same mistake, because I didn’t realize that today is Victoria Day in Canada. So now is time for some online meetings with USA colleagues and also to share a quick post for an interesting event about GIT.

In the last couple of years Git become the “must use tools” for source control system. Everybody is talking about GIT, but there is still people using GIT as a simple “commit / pull” control system.

Note: Some other probably did the same with checkin / checkout with TFS and before with SourceSafe or SubVersion with some commands names which I already forget.

So, my @LemonCoders friends ask my to do the “easy stuff”, that’s mean: Use the Visual Studio GUI to perform some easy Git actions and, of course I said yes! The basic webinar contents will be

  • Git basic concepts
  • Git interactions:
    • Git console ¡Sparta!
    • Source Tree (Atlassian) as a visual UI for Git
    • And ¡Visual Studio!, yes you know for “simple people” like me Open-mouthed smile

And the raise is very high with my friends

  • Pablo Núñez (@pablonete) aka “Console Man”, now working for the Visual Studio Team Services team !
  • Braulio Díez (@braulio_sl) freelance developer, almost everything and the one in charge of Source Tree (Atlassian) !
  • Bruno Capuano (@elbruno) MVP, I’ll try to convince them to use Visual Studio (and avoid all these crazy console commands!)

So, if you want to know what’s this “GIT stuff”, join the meeting and have some good time.

Ahh important the event will be on June 7th, in SPANISH and read more details on the event registration link below.

Greetings @ Toronto

-El Bruno



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