#Windows10 – How to fix a broken Windows Store: WSReset

Hi !

I’m testing Windows 10 in the Windows Insider Fast Ring since the beginning of the test phases. So far, I’ve always learn something new in each release, and this week is related to the Microsoft Store.


Since I move the latest build, I was not able to download any new software to my machine. My Windows Store was freeze trying to download to apps, and that’s it.


This was kind of frustrating, because I need to update several apps. After a quick search I found, this old article (November, 2013) and the command WSRESET.


And that was magic for me, a couple of minutes later my Windows Store was up and running smooth. By the way, this command is available since Windows 8.1, so I think 2 options

  • I was a lucky user without any Windows Store issue during the past 4 or 5 years
  • Windows is a very solid product Winking smile

Greetings @ Toronto

-El Bruno


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