#VisualStudio – Visual Code 1.0 Released !


Hi !

It’s been a busy year for the Visual Studio Code team, and a few days ago they reach one great milestone: Visual Studio Code 1.0. The first official release of the product.

In the official news release you can find some insights about the history of the product, the more than 500000 users whoa rea using the product and more cool information. I need to be honest here and share my own experience: basic level. I’ve only downloaded the product and play around a little.

However I’ve tracked the evolution of the product, and I can assure that in the past 6 months, the product team was listening a lot the users feedback and they add this feedback into the product. The product now is very stable, and the extension model is great. There are more than 1000 extensions only for the VSCode which makes de IDE a very powerful platform. JavaScript, TypeScript, Go, Phyton, C++ and other languages are now supported in a free IDE, which is also great!

And, I need to also mention that the community is also making some great contributions to the product. 300+ pull requests are a great sample on this Winking smile


So , congratulations for the product team and let’s see how this product continues evolving during the next years!

Greetings @ Toronto

-El Bruno


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