#BUILD2016 – Edit and Continue on #Xaml (so freaking cool!)

Hi !

So, these days are Build days, and we got plenty of new stuff to learn. Cortana Analytics, the new Cognitive Services and the new Visual Studio 15 Preview are great samples of this.  However there are these small features which makes this announcements even better.

Let me share some context, you got an WPF app and you are debugging this app with Visual Studio

2016 03 30 VS15 Xaml Edit and continue 01 Wpf

Have you seen it?

Visual Studio 15 Preview allows edit and continue on Xaml in WPF and WinRT apps!

This is great !!! not at HoloLens level, but still great!


Greetings @ Toronto

-El Bruno



  1. How do you get I work in WPF? It allows me to edit xaml. But I don’t see the live update on the running app.


    1. Hi Jack
      Are you using the Visual Studio 15 Preview version? It works by default
      -El Bruno

      PS: Not Visual Studio 2015, Visual Studio 15 😉


  2. Yes, it is the vs 15 preview I downloaded last night. Let me uninstall and reinstall and see if it works. Thanks.


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