#AI – #Google finally won the battle against humanity (and they are also building cool #robots)

Hi !

If you think bog about Google latest accomplishments, is kind of scary. During these past days, plenty of people was following the match between AlphaGo, (DeepMind, acquired by Google in 2014) and Go world champion Lee Seedol. AlphaGo win the first 3 matches, then Lee put the scores 3-1, and at the end AlphaGo won the last match. So the final score y 4-1.

If you are a fan of Artificial Intelligence, this is a great moment. And match 4 is a great example to understand how AlphaGo works (the complete GoGameGuru article is here):

AlphaGo is very good at estimating its probability of winning. It appears to be able to do this even more accurately than the best human players. With the help of this skill, AlphaGo seems to be able to manage risk more precisely than humans can, and is completely happy to accept losses as long as its probability of winning remains favorable.

The Japanese have a name for this style of play, as it closely resembles the prevalent style of Japanese professionals over the previous few decades. They call it “souba” Go, which means something like “market price.”

What Lee and his [team] had realized, was that they needed to completely upend the market.

This is great. However, Google is also supporting the efforts behind Boston Dynamic, the ones who creates Atlas

and Spot

And you know, big and powerful AI + amazing robots = Skynet !

Greetings @ Toronto

– El Bruno


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