#AZURE – Pegasus Mission: #AzureIot on the cloud ! (yes, on the cloud with a baloon!)

Hi !

The road to the IoT is amazing. Even if I’m not in other platforms, only knowing the stuff which Microsoft have develop during the past years is great. I was playing around with Azure IoT, my Garmin Smartwatch and Windows Universal Apps. The result was great, the power behind the complete platform is amazing.

Today I found a Microsoft Research project named “Pegasus Mission”, which objective is basically send a balloon full of sensors to the stratosphere and collect and send data to the IoT cloud. (I know the joke is easy here, I won’t make it). But they won’t only send sensors data like pressure or altitude, there will be also 6 cameras with Live Stream from the balloon. And, everything supported by Azure IoT.

The main components of the project can be described as in the following diagram, shared in their Facebook page.


There are also tons of pics of the team working on the balloon, like this one.


There are also a couple of mobile apps, to get the information in real time in your phone during the mission. You can get SMS messages from the status of the flight, and much more ways to analyze and view the information collected by the sensors and cameras in the balloon.

So, go for one or more of this channels and support the Pegasus Mission!

Text Message Flight Notifications: http://bit.ly/1ouLOjc
Twitter: @PegasusMission
Web site: https://www.pegasusmission.io
Blog: http://www.pegasusmission.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pegasusmission
Mobile Apps: Search for “Pegasus Mission” in your app store

Greetings @ Toronto

-El Bruno


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