#Garmin – How to setup the #Dev Enviromnent and a quick #HelloWorld to try the Emulator!


In today’s post I will show how to configure the development environment to code and build an app for Garmin ConnectIQ SDK.

The first thing we need is to have a Java development kit version installed on our computer. In the references section, I have put the link to the JDK 8.

Now you can download and use the Garmin ConnectIQ SDK. To use it, we must just download the ZIP, unzip it and add the bin path to our local PATH.


Now we can use the 3 main tools included in the SDK:

  • connectIQ, launches the local emulator app
  • monkeyc, is the compiler to built an app from source code and resource files
  • monkeydo, it will run an app in the emulator

Using one of the examples in the SDK, I updated the “ConfirmationDialog” sample, so that it displays a different dialog. I’ve update the files

  • \manifest.xml
  • resources\strings.xml
  • sources\ConfirmationDialogApp.mc
  • sources\ConfirmationDialogView.mc

now I can compile and built the app. The command that I should throw to compile the app is as follows:

monkeyc -o ConfirmationDialog.prg -m manifest.xml

The output of the build process will generate an app in a file called “ConfirmationDialog.prg“. The next step is to launch the emulator and run the app compiled on it.

The commands for these actions are the following

set path=%PATH”;”c:\Program Files (x86)\Garmin\connectiq-sdk-win-1.2.4\bin\”
monkeyc -o ConfirmationDialog.prg.prg -m manifest.xml
monkeydo ConfirmationDialog.prg.prg

Executed once we can already see the app, in simulation mode


And that’s it, we already have compiled, built and run an app in the Simulator. In next posts, I will see what I discover about the internal structure of the apps, and what else I learn.

Greetings @ Toronto

-El Bruno


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