#Fun – A cool collection of #Lego creations





Today is also a day of off-topics and I will take to put some videos of LEGO that I use in my Robotics events in the past years.

Always used to start with a LEGO Rubik Solver, this updated version is simply great! With 4 sets of Lego Mindstorms NXTand a Samsung Galaxy S2 created the CubeStormer 2.

Now that all are talking about 3D, clear in a model printers lathe also there who has created a LEGO!

For that we like to play the guitar, this robotic version of Slash gives a little scary

And of course, it is also the version for piano

In the section more than home can meet with a cake cutter, not very pleasant but have to give merit because it works

In the same vein, a TEA MAKER. Interesting idea that is in addition to the bag of you in the Cup, controls the temperature ofthe same and know when it is ready to take.

If in addition to the thermometer, add a humidity sensor, as we have an automatic sprinkler of plants. That Yes, money onbatteries for the NXT will be that they are the most expensive plants on the planet

Finally, this is the post that gave me the idea of today, an incredible machine to make paper airplanes with Lego!

Greetings @ Madrid

-El Bruno


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