#Event – #DotNetSpain2016 everyone should be there !!! but not me :(

2016 01 27 DotNEtSpain2016


Last year I had the good fortune to participate as assistant and presenter to the DotNet Spain Conference 2015. The truth is that I have a great memory of this event.

On the one hand, I went to a couple of sessions and they opened my mind to try some new things. I also had the luck of being presenter in 2 sessions; the Coding4Fun classic and a session that I got enough proof: Arduino vs NetDuino vs Gadgeteer vs Intel Galileo. The room was small, but more than 100 people came to see what could tell you about each platform, the questions were very good and I think it takes me study material for the entire year.

And I also remember was that day, when talking to Jose Miguel (@alegrebandolero) was activated a process in the background in my head telling me in loop “we need to change! We need to move!

Which is why this year I will not be in the 2016 Edition. On February 24 I’ll be in Canada, although I wanted more that to be there. Just to repeat the fact of put some faces to many mates already worthwhile.

If you need 3 excuses on why to come to the evento

  1. The evento is in the Kinepolis, so the experience will be great!
  2. Sessions on Visual Studio Code, .net Core, Open Source, Xamarin and much more, the truth is they promise to be great!
  3. Meet in some fellows is almost a required task every 6 months! We can now learn almost any technology in online mode, however the opportunity to meet “face to face” people that can probably work with us is priceless (and Yes, please do not expect them to be handsome)

So well, you can not miss it, I wish you the best for the next February 24 🙂 and sure to be a great event!

Greetings @ Madrid

-El Bruno


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