#Xamarin – Resource list to create “nice apps” with #XamarinForms


After investing some time on learning how to work with Bluetooth, beacons, and other technologies with Xamarin Forms, now is the time to create Apps. Someone (like me) could feel some disappointment, because the default controls supported by Xamarin Forms are “kind of poor”. So I pack a couple of resources which I found on samples on how to improve the Look & Feel of our Xamarin Forms Apps.

Xamarin Jump-start your next project with a prebuilt app

The first example can be the sample 4 apps shared by the Xamarin team, where besides the source code, some of which are available in the stores of Apple, Android, and Windows Phone.


Xamarin Sport: A Beautiful Open Source Consumer App

The last app has also a complete post, in which explains the components used in the app. As well as how to integrate it with Azure, and a short video about the app

Adam Wolf Syntax is my UI

A #MustRead website. Adam Wolf (Xamarin MVP) has a very interesting development resources with Xamarin Forms. His Cookbook series is essential if you want to see up to donate you can get

Adam Wolf Xamarin.Forms ListView Custom ViewCell Recipe

An example of the previous series. In this post, Adam shows us how with a little bit of code on a ListView, you can have a look & feel quite attractive.


GitHub PlugIns for Xamarin

Let’s leave dev blogs and go for GitHub. In this GitHub repository we can find a very useful collection of links to develop apps with Xamarin. For example:

  • Compass: Easily access compass heading 0-360 degrees.
  • Local Notifications: Easily show and schedule local notifications.
  • Permissions: Check and request runtime permissions.
  • Share: Easily share text or open a browser

DevExpress Grid

3rd party controls tend to have their advantages and disadvantages. If the controls are good, I usually try to use them. And I’ve good some very good experiences with DevExpress controls. That is why, this Xamarin Forms Grid, is on my #MustTest list. Besides that it has several interesting features, it’s free!

Telerik UI for Xamarin

Finally, if you can invest some money, the Telerik controls on an cool choice. Controls to make graphics, calendars and a extended listview can speed up our development time.


Grial UI.Kit

Another example where it is necessary to invest a little money, but that allows us to buy much time.

Friends of Plain Concepts have made an interesting review of this kit which you can read aquí.

Greetings @ Madrid

-El Bruno



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