#Xamarin – Let’s build an #Estimote #eBeacon Explorer in ListView mode


I’ve already wrote some posts on how to work with Xamarin and Estimote beacons. SO today I’ll share a small Xamarin Forms app which displays all the near Estimote Beacons.

2016 01 20 Xamarin Estimote Explorer

In the video above, we can see how in the iPhone (left) the app detects beacons and at the same time the app created using Xamarin Forms (right) shows the detected beacons. In the same way, when in the Estimote app on the iPhone is activated the virtual beacon, 2 beacons appear in the Estimote Explorer app.

And as always, a couple of details about the app:

  • The app has a 5 min thinking mode of a MVVM implementation, to enable the refresh of the Beacons list in real time. I am not clear why, but when I isolated the View and the ViewModel source code, Visual Studio intellisense has lost the North.


  • Using the UUid of the beacons, the app identifies whether they are real or virtual. With this information, the app displays a color and a specific image in the list of beacons.
  • A 5 seconds interval Timer is created to validate if there some idle time with no beacon detected, when this happens it will clean the list of beacons.


The code of the app can be downloaded from https://github.com/elbruno/Blog/tree/master/Xamarin%20Estimote%20Explorer

Greetings @ Madrid

-El Bruno


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