#PERSONAL – €699 an #OculusRift really? IMHO OR has lost it

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I’ve always been a big fan of Oculus Rift. From the point of view of technology, OR was a collage of many technologies that were for long time. However, they were the first ones who really knew how to succeed with a simple product based on 2 topics

-Be cheap

-Have a very powerful SDK

Here, as always this is my personal opinion. I personally, I remember when a few years ago in a couple of weeks I built my 1st virtual stage with Unity3D and the Oculus Rift. I had so much fun with this, and that was also the first step for a lot of amazing projects / great activities we did at Avanade.

I still remember in a trip in AVE (high speed train), from Barcelona to Madrid when I spent the entire trip showing the OR people who were at my side. It was a device that always caught the attention, and the experience was also very innovative.

Now that we have the final price for us, $599 in USA and €699 in Europe; it give me something to think. On the one hand I understand that product has matured much since its first SDK and I hope that the quality is at the level of the price. As an example the latest version includes a wireless remote control, support for audio, the XBox controller, etc.


However, €700 is a high-end device price. This is what usually invest top gamers, but not “street and common people“. Ypu also have to think that the new OR can not be used with an average computer, you need a powerful, very powerful PC!

So that’s why I have a weird feeling. On one hand, I’m happy that the device which has democratized the Virtual reality finally becomes a final version; but I also have another view that it has lost the essence that of “bringing virtual reality to all”.

And the good news is, we still have some good hope. Behind all this is Facebook. And if Facebook main goal is to connect people globally. It is very likely that now that the V1 was completed and it has been a closed technology product, the next step is to make it available for all 😀

Disclaimer: Having said all that, it is very likely that as soon as you arrive at my new location I get one.

Greetings @ Madrid

-El Bruno


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