#OLW – #OpenLiveWriter, Windows Live Writer saved by the open source community


I’ve been writing posts for already more than 10 years and I think that during the first 5 years Windows Live Writer (WLW) was the main tool I used. On the road were other options such as

  • Writing with Word, good idea, bad implementation. I think I tried it only 2 times.
  • Send posts via email. It is similar to the Word, although I must admit that I liked it much more.
  • Write to the web editor that brings WordPress. This is the option that more used lately. Editor is WYSIWYG, and the truth except the category selection the web editor is a great tool.

In 2012 when WLW, was “dead” I still using it for a little while.However I finally abandoned it. 2 days ago when I read the news that a group of people bring it back, I was pretty happy.

This time it is distributed in open source mode under the name of Open Live Writer, and I can only thank all those who have collaborated in this task:

Greeting @ Madrid

-El Bruno


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