#VSTS – New #CodeSearch app in #VisualStudio Team Services


After a great set of new yesterday, now is time to review the most interesting ones. As always, I’ll leave the big news such as what’s new in Visual Studio Code updates to ASP.NET 5, to focus on those stories that are most relevant for us in our daily dev life.

As today is Extension’s Friday, today we’re going to see an extension to the renowned Visual Studio Team Services, here is CODE SEARCH.

It is that I like because it complies with what its name promises, conduct searches of a repository of code. Already be in TFVC or GIT.

The steps to install it are quite simple, and in a few minutes you have running in your instance of VSTS.

We start navigating to the product page and launching the process of installation (Code Search)


Following the step by step Installer, we now select the account where you want to install the app


2 steps later we have everything up and running.


If we go to our Visual Studio Team Services account (no more Visual Studio Online) we will see that we have a new search option on the top right bar.


After writing a couple of posts about Project Oxford, it is normal to do a search on this term. The result is quite complete, including source code preview, some annotations, etc.


We can also filter by projects, by location within a project, or type of text search: code source, comments or literals (thanks Roslyn!)

We also have some advanced capabilities such as the more complex filters. In the following example, I look for the text name in arguments to functions in files with extension CS


You can see also some other options available to refine the search.

The app has additional options such as the sharing of the results of the search, compare versions of a file in the preview, etc.

As always, one extension rather than interesting, especially if you have a code base with which you work.

Greetings @ Madrid

– El Bruno


Visual Studio Team Services, Code Search Extension

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