#EVENT – #Talks4Kids, less than a month to learn and contribute to a good cause!



Probably, right now I will be flying to Barcelona, so I’ll take this opportunity to remind everyone that in less than there will be best and coolest event ever, Talks4Kids.

Talks4Kids is a development and technology charity event , whose funds will be allocated entirely to a Foundation which has as a main focus, programs and activities to help children in hospitals.

Until today things go very well. we have gathered more than €900 €uros, so a big thank you to everyone. This also means that the probability that we finish disguised is quite high (I know of more than one which will work in the final moment not to be missed this time). If you do not remember it:

All the speakers are committed to perform their sessions in funny dresses or the most ridiculous clothes possible, if we reach the amount of €1500 in the fundraising


Finally comment that you already follow us and support us on Twitter at @Talks4Kids, and also on the speakers twiiter accounts:   y

And finally I want to thank the companies that sponsor us, to those who have bought the voluntary contribution and which bought the input to be in face-to-face mode at the event!

And of course, to the Microsoft Spain team ! (Thanks Jose (@wasat), Alex, etc!)

Saludos @ Madrid > Barcelona
-El Bruno


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