#VSGALLERY – Template to quickly create a #Windows10 Universal App with navigation panels in #VS2015


Visual Studio extension’s Friday again! Today extension is a timer saver Nav Pane App Template. This extension adds a new project type in the Universal applications category, which already has implemented a navigation model based on panels. This is something that is quite popular right now, the good news is that this extension saves you one morning to put everything together.

Once we have created a new app, we can find several interesting stuff in the new project

  • The [NavMenuItem] class, which is where the elements of the SplitView
    The [AppShell.xaml.cs] class, which is where are defined the elements of the menu, for example

Finally, the app running in the next video, which like all WUAs, is responsive and very pretty..

Saludos @ Madrid

/El Bruno


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