#VS2015 – Pull Request from VS IDE ? in the near future …


For sure, you already know what is a Pull Request. For the ones working with Git, is a key piece for the collaboration process. The most basic definition could be: A user requests that the changes made in a fork of a repository, are implemented in the original repository.

GitHub Pull Request interface Is very popular

Team Foundation Server also allows us to work with Pull Request using web interface

However, as a string Visual Studio user, I miss this feature inside the IDE. If you are used to work in a single tool, you try to perform most of your tasks inside this tool. The good news is that, a few days ago, Jeremy Epling, on the Visual Studio ALM blog, wrote some of the features that are working both for Visual Studio Team Foundation Server. One of them related to the ability to work with Pull Requests in the IDE.

Pull Requests in Visual Studio

A major part of most Git workflows is reviewing code submissions using pull requests. The current experience in Visual Studio is a link to the website, but we’re updating it so you can accomplish more of the pull request workflow inside Visual Studio. You’ll be able to create a new pull request, and view active pull requests assigned to you or created by you. Later, we’ll bring an improved experience for pull requests to Team Explorer Everywhere.

Pull Requests are easier to find and review

No one wants to dig through a long list to find a pull request. To make it easier, the pull requests relevant to you will be grouped together and sorted to the top. You can still get to all pull requests, as well as filter them by their status and who they’re assigned to.

When you get to the pull request you want, the new details page will make it easy to find the status and act on it. Reviewers will have a clear way to provide feedback and approve the pull request. Owners will have an easy way to see the status and merge. When the pull request is complete, you can customize the merge message and a merge commit will always be created so it’s easier to view the repositories history.

Let’s hope for the implementation in this feature does not take long to become public. And then we can start give our Feedback and thus improve the experience of Visual Studio

Saludos @ Madrid

/El Bruno


· GitHub Using Pull Requests https://help.github.com/articles/using-pull-requests/

· Git Experience Features http://blogs.msdn.com/b/visualstudioalm/archive/2015/08/27/git-experience-futures.aspx

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