#VS2015 – Associate Recent WorkItems, very useful extension if you perform #CheckIn actions again and again with the same WorkItem


Again Visual Studio Extension Friday. Todayโ€™s extension is very useful when you perform Check-ins associated to the same WorkItem again and again. I learn the WorkItem id number, and I quickly add it into the Pending Changes panel, or can search for the WorkItem using a WorkItem Query. Anyways this extension make the CheckIn process much faster.

The extension display the latest 5 WorkItems used in the current Team Project, and you can choose to associate your CheckIn action to these WorkItems, or even open them.

Like always, a quick video is the better explanation.

Enjoy your weekend!

Saludos @ Madrid

/El Bruno


– Osiris Associate Recent WorkItems https://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/3fa82205-e0f0-4874-a38b-023435fa2802


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