#WINDOWS10 – Scroll on inactive Windows when the mouse hover them


Update: David comment that this feature is also available in Windows 8, now we have the choice to enable or disable this feature.

After a couple of Windows 10 posts, today I get a tricky question

Choose the coolest feature in Windows 10?

As I said, is a tricky question, there are plenty of cool stuff in Windows 10, but I was requested to choose the “coolest one”. Then I remember about a new feature which is not very popular, but is very useful. Take a look at the following video and try to find it:

Do you got it? The calculator is always the selected app, however when I hover over the browser I can scroll in this app:

Now we can scroll on inactive Windows when the mouse hover them.

You can enable or disable this feature in Settings, in the section [Devices // Mouse] changing the value of “Scroll inactive Windows when I hover them

So that’s it, a Friki tip on Windows 10 !!!

Saludos @ Madrid

/El Bruno


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    1. Yo como el 90% es sobre W10, no tengo ese punto para comparar de otros SO. Si está inspirado, pues a seguir incorporando cosas útiles 😀


      1. No se porque el primer comentario no me aparecía y al final duplique. El caso es que si, pero ya sabes, esto es como todo, si es bueno, ponlo. Y cuando andas con documentos suele ser bueno hacer esto sin tener que cambiar el foco de la app.


  1. Al final me picó la curiosidad. Tenía, bueno, tengo un Windows 8 disponible aún y probé. Funciona el scroll en back, lo que ahora se tiene es la posibilidad de desactivarlo.



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