#VS2015 – Roaming Extension Manager, keep VS extensions sync between different devices


Today in “Extensions Friday” I’ll try to answer a question someone ask me in twitter long time ago:

Do you know a way to sync the installed extensions in Visual Studio between different devices?

The answer was NO. However today, I was installing Visual Studio 2015 and I found this extension which try to solve this problem. I usually work in 2 devices: a laptop at home with a full and comfortable setup of 2 screens, a nice keyboard, much RAM, etc. I also use a Surface, and I use this mostly when I’m travelling que and also in events and presentations. I got Visual Studio 2015 in both devices, and of course, I need to have all the extensions synchronized between this 2 devices.

After you install Roaming Extension Manager, you’ll find a new section in [Extension and Updates] with the name [Roaming Extension Manager]. In this new section, we’ll find the set of installed extensions and this extensions will be associated to our online Profile, so at any time we can retrieve this extension list and find the status of each one. The status for each extension could be.

· Roamed: denotes an extension that is part of your Roaming List, but not installed on this machine.

· Roamed & Installed Icon: denotes all extensions that are part of your Roaming List and installed in this environment.

· Installed Icon: denotes all extensions that are installed in this environment, but are not part of your Roaming List.

In each scenario we can

– Add a new extension to our Roaming list

– Remove an extension from our Roaming list

– Download and install and extension listed in our Roaming list


– Visual Studio Gallery, Roaming Extension Manager https://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/7b421a95-c32c-4433-a2be-a41b276013ab

Saludos @ Madrid

/El Bruno

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