#VS2015 – Some tips to switch to presentation mode in events


I was in Malaga yesterday sharing some of our experiences with Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015. Like always I make a quick pre check before the Presentation, and someone ask for my A-B-C process, so here it is.

Check Audio and Video

– If you choose to use a 16:9 format with a 1920×1080 resolution it will be so cool … for you. In a big room the people in the back will hate you.

– If you need audio Features, please do a check before. A TV with HDMI is good, but you must check if the audio is configured to use the HDMI channel by default

Define PowerPoint Slideshow mode

– I usually Project with Duplicate mode. So I can use apps and do some Programming looking at my laptop and everyone gets the same as myself. If you use the Presenter View mode in PowerPoint, it usually hacks the Presentation Display settings. That´s why I choose

o Monitor: Primary Monitor

o Disable Presenter View

Visual Studio environment

– Source Code size is very important if you are Planning to show some code. I change this using the Zoom in the IDE. Visual Studio 2015 is great, because it keeps the same zoom value for all the open files.

– You won’t probably need some panels like the Error Log, Output, etc. If you are sharing some source code. So let’s use the Window Layout Features, and choose which panels will be displayed and hidden in Presentation mode.

– I really like the code with WordWrap. If you have a “long source code line”, which requires the use of the horizontal scrollbar, your audience will be waiting until you scroll to get the complete idea of the code. Use WordWrap and they will be able to read everything in a single view … optionally enable the glyphs, I like them also 😉

So that’s basically it. For sure I’ll update / upgrade this post in the future.


– El Bruno, Change the IDE based on your work environment https://elbruno.com/2014/12/09/vs2015-howto-change-the-ide-based-on-your-work-environment/

Saludos @ Madrid

/El Bruno


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