#EVENT- Materials used in #Coding4Fun event at Tenerife #Tlp2015 #TlpInnova


The day before the event I upgraded my laptop to the RTM version of Windows 10, so the demo time during the session was a stressful one. Besides this, I have an amazing time, and the people at the room seems to enjoy my presentation also. I also had the chance to spend some quality family time in Tenerife, playing with Windows 10, drones, beach, running, Loro Parque and water attractions at Siam Park. So far I’m more tired than usual !!!! And of course, I must share a BIG THANKS to the TLP Innova team, to the attendes, the colleagues and friends, I really really love Tenerife.

I get a couple of questions in Twitter about the materials, so I share an evolution/copy/paste of the stuff I already share in Andorra a couple of weeks ago.


Source Code: https://github.com/elbruno/events/tree/master/2015%2007%2017%20TLP%20C4F

Some house cleaning

– The Simple HID Write tool, can be downloaded from here (thanks Jan Axelsons!)

– The USB MAIL device I used, is similar to this one (link), you can find this cheaper if you search online

– The Heart Rate sensor I used in the Bluetooth LE demo is this one (link)

– The “Drone” connected with BLE with Windows 10 (build 10240 it should fly!!!) is a Parrot Rolling Spider (link)

Saludos @ Tenerife

/El Bruno


– USB Email, http://es.aliexpress.com/store/product/USB-Webmail-Notifer-USB-Webmail-Web-Mail-E-mail-Notifier-Light-for-PC-Laptop-Computer/1292922_32273404408.html

– Parrot Rolling Spider, www.parrot.com/products/rolling-spider/

– Polar Heart Rate Sensor H7, http://www.polar.com/us-en/products/accessories/H7_heart_rate_sensor

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